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What is Lead Funnel Machine ?

More than 80% of sales happens after 5th or 7th followup. Using our Lead Funnel Automation Software, you can implement Email followup Nurturing serious to convert more leads into Fruitful Customers.
Email Marketing Automation Software

Integrate Your Digital vCard with Lead Funnel Machine

Don't just share your vCard and create the list of the prospects. Use our advanced marketing automation software to automatically nurture your leads. When you share your Digital vCard the leads are added to marketing software and based on your campaign your can trigger automatic Email, assign tags and add the contact to particular segment.

Share vCard

Share Your Business Information with your prospects directly to their WhatsApp, without even saving their number. You can also share your Digital vCard via SMS, Email or any other ways.

Manage Your Contacts

Never forget any important lead with whom you have contacted. Get the complete list of people with whom you have shared your vCard. Export the list in Excel format for further nurturing process.

Nurture Your Leads

Not only share vCard and Store your prospect list. Nurture your prospects with Automation. Automate your follow-up marketing to get More Customers.

Drip Marketing Automation Software in India with all the below features.

Drip Email Followup Series

80% of the Sales happens after the 5th followup. Using our Visual Campaign Builder, you can schedule multiple Drip Automated Email followup sequence to nurture your enquiries. (e.g Day-1, Day-2, Day-4, Day-5, Day-12 & so on)


IndiaMart, Justdial & More Integration

Stay ahead in competition. Whenever you've lead from directories like Indiamart, Justdial, Trade India, etc, you can set an automated Welcome Email with all your company details as well as further nurturing sequence.

Automated Emails to Facebook Leads

When you are running a Facebook Lead Ad, you need to manually download excel sheet of lead form submissions. But our Email Automation Software captures data from FB Lead Ad Form and starts Email Nurturing Sequence.

Followup to Website / Landing Page Leads

Whenever someone submits an enquiry form on your website, our system will capture leads and trigger multiple followup email & sms series. All leads are stored & organized so that you can broadcast campaigns in future.

Briefcase App to Sales Staff

Your field staff or in-store staff can easily add leads using their Briefcase App and keep log of notes, call reminders, meeting reminders, upcoming & overdue tasks, etc. System will trigger automated email followup to your leads.


Auto Followup to Trade Expo Enquiries

With our Trade Expo Kiosk Form, you can put Tablet or Phone to quickly capture leads and shoot a welcome email with your company brochure. By the time customer visit next Stall, he will receive Email in his phone. Fast.. Isn't it.


Features of Lead Funnel Machine

Drip Email Marketing

Visual Campaign Builder

Lead Segmentation

Import / Export Leads

Lead Activity Tracking

Website Visitor Tracking

Create Lead / Sales Funnel

Intelligent Reports

Lead Distribution

HTML Email Builder

Complete Managed Services

Telephonic / Email Support

Multi user Platform

Digital vcards app

Looking For Complete Lead Funnel Machine or Marketing Automation of Your Business ?

80% of the sales happens after the 5th Followup. Using Lead Funnel Marketing Automation Software, you can implement Email and SMS Followup Nurturing Series to convert more leads into customers.

Lead Funnel Pricing

Yes.. I want to stop manual work and increase my lead conversions. It's time to reduce your man power cost, save your valuable time, convert more leads to grow your business with Lead Funnel Automation Software.

Complete Lead Funnel Machine

₹ 3000 ₹ 2250 / Month

  • Digital vcards mobile app
  • Import / Export data
  • Custom 6 Digit Sender ID
  • Unlimited SMS / Email Campaigns
  • Bulk SMS / Email
  • SMS / Email Content Writing
  • Complete Managed Services
  • Telephonic / Email Support
  • Billed Anually

Money is NOT in the Number of Leads you have. Money is in the Number of FOLLOW-UPS you make.

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80% of the Sales happens after the 5th Followup. How many followups you are making to all your leads ?

Frequently Asked Question

  • No. 1 reason is Man Power Cost or lack of Trained Sales Team. With our platform you can make automated email followups and get inbound contact from your leads.
  • Practically, most businesses are not able to do ADEQUATE FOLLOWUPS. They are even unable to make calls and followups to All their Enquiries and thereby lose Business Opportunities.
  • Most businesses are unable to organize all their leads at one place due to manual data entry in excel sheets as well as no system to integrate leads from Facebook Ads, Website Forms, Landing Page Forms, Justdial, IndiaMart, Walk-in and other offline Enquiries. This is Lead Leakage and you need to fix that.
  • Most businesses are not able to contact their leads instantly. With Email automation, you can send your business information to your prospects, before your competitors reach them.
  • Most of the people these days don't prefer cold calls, or genuinely they are busy or not contactable when you or your sales team tries to reach them.
  • With Marketing Automation, you can improve your Lead Conversions.

Bulk sms platform includes only broadcasting sms using excel sheets. But SMS Automation includes bulk sms plus other important features like Automated Drip SMS Series, Integrations with Directories and Websites and lot more. Plus our platform acts like Mini CRM where you don't need to upload excel sheets again and again. It stores all your customer contacts.

Our support team will guide you all possible steps to get your email campaigns in Inbox with SPF, DKIM Domain verification, reputation management as well as white listing your domain to get email inbox delivery.

Of course, you can import your customer and subscriber lists into our marketing automation software.

Of course. We will never ever use or sell your contacts or data. We take privacy very seriously.

No, we do not provide refunds, neither we provide any guarantee on results or lead conversions you will get. This totally depends on quality of your leads and your sms/email contents. Make sure you take trial or demo from our sales team to know about our sms automation and email automation platform before buying it. But yes, automated followups have helped many of our clients close more leads.

Marketing Automation Software is a SUPER EASY to use cloud platform and you can login and manage your account from anywhere.

Choose a plan that suits your need and make online payment. After that you will get your Automation Account within 24 working hours.

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